British Columbia


Teacher Education Programs

There are 9 Universities in British Columbia that provide teacher education programs:

The programs run from one to two years and include practical experience and theoretical coursework. 

The BC College of teachers is responsible for setting the standards in which educators are held. In 2004, the BCCT entered into agreement with the teacher education programs in BC to ensure that their graduates meet the Standards of Education, Competence and Professional Conduct of Educators in BC.

Teacher Certification

In order to teach in BC's Kindergarten to Grade 12 public schools, independent schools or First Nations Schools, you must obtain a a certificate of qualification from The BC College of Teachers. In order to qualify for a certificate you must meet the basic eligibility:
  • a BC grade 12 diploma or its equivalent
  • a degree or its equivalent
  • at least four years of post-secondary study
  • completion of an acceptable teacher education program
  • familiarity with the Canadian education system
  • English proficiency, or, in the case of those who teach in French, French proficiency
  • recent teaching experience
  • a fit and moral character to work with children

Certificates of qualification are obtained by submitting forms and documentation and are assessed based upon:
  • your academic record, including teaching education training and subject area studies
  • your relevant teaching experience
  • your fitness, or suitability, for working with children

These are assessed based on the college's standards, and you will be granted a certificate if you meet the three standards. However, if you fail to meet the standards, you will be notified as to what you must do in order to qualify. The application process varies depending on if you completed your teacher education program in BC, elsewhere in Canada, or internationally.

It is important to note that you cannot teach in BC without a BCCT certificate of qualification, even if you have a certificate in another province or country. If you are coming from another province in Canada, you must have a valid teaching certificate from that province in order to teach in BC. For more information, check here.